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re: Application


Character Name: 


What is your nationality?


How old are you?

17, 18 in november 

Tell us a little about yourself, profession, hobbies and other games you play, ect.

Currently on summer holidays, having just finished my first year of sixth form (any other brits will know what it is). As far as hobbies go its just wow and going out with mates etc when ever I can. I also occasionally play CS:GO and used to play a large amount of LoL. 

What class & spec will you be playing?

MM Hunter

Would you mind playing with another spec if asked to? Or a certain encounter demands it?

Not at all, I have experience with all 3 specs in high end raiding content, so it's really not a problem.

What is your experience in WoW or other games? You can include as much as you want here.

I raided high end/ end game content on a blizz-like private server for around 2+ years, the server had no crazy stat values etc like some other private servers may have. This content ranged from cata content, all the way to mid MoP.


-BoT 10 5/5 normal and heroic, including Sinestra.

-ToFW 10/25 2/2 normal and heroic.

-FL 10/25 7/7 normal and heroic.

-DS 10/25 7/8 normal and heroic, this is excluding Spine of Deathwing as at the time bugs prevented us from killing it for a long time.


-MSV 10/25 7/7 normal and heroic.

-ToES 10/25 4/4 normal (No heroic mode released).

-ToT 10/25 9/12 normal (End bosses currently under development. Also no heroic mode released.).

For WoD I have cleared HM on normal and heroic, BRF on normal, and just started to clear HFC on normal, although I have cleared 12/13 on lfr, so I have a fairly decent concept of the tactics so far.

What Item level/gear level is the character you are applying with currently sitting at and how are you trying to improve your damage/healing/mitigation?

Currently I am 678 (low, I know). I started gearing up over this last week. During my gearing up I have noticed in guild/lfr/pug raids that im keeping up, if not beating hunter, and some other classes with even higher item level than me, e.g 685-695 players.

Give a brief list of any addons and keybinds you use while raiding.

ElvUI, DBM, Skada, WeakAuras, Atlas Loot etc.

Give a brief run down of your rotation/priority and your specs current stat priority. E.g Spirit(3000) > Haste (12.5%) > Mastery = Crit.


Crit > multistrike > mastery > versatility > hast 


Chimera Shot on CD, similarly with Kill shot when the target is below 35% HP, Steady shot/focusing shot built up focus, Aimed shot to dump focus. Talent abilities on CD too, such as MoC/Stampede, or Barrage in an AoE situation.

Please provide us with logs from Warcraft Logs.

Sadly I have none as I have just started out on real, live wow servers.

Are you able to use Teamspeak? If so can you speak or only listen? This also means you can understand, type and speak 100% English

Of course, I'm very used to being on TS during raids, most of the time I like to just listen and concentrate on the fight in hand, but if I'm needed to talk, I shall.

Do you know anyone that can vouch for you in Perplexity?


Our raid times are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 20:30 to 00:00, will this be a problem for you?

Yes, these times are perfect.

What was the reason for leaving your current guild?

I am looking for something a little more serious as the guild I am currently in is one those spam invite guilds.

Post a link to a screenshot of your UI.

Wiping is an essential part of PvE content whether its raiding, challenge modes, dungeoning and the likes. Can you handle in excess of 200-300 wipes on end game content? Also in that can you take constructive criticism?

Of course, wiping is key to learning a fight in and out, I'm very used to it. And yes, I can handle constructive criticism, It can be very useful for improving upon something I, myself have not noticed about what I'm doing wrong/could be done better.

Why are you interested in Perplexity?

You look like a good guild with the right priorities etc.

How did you find out about Perplexity?


What do you expect from us?

I expect a strong, but somewhat relaxed raiding environment with people with the same aims as I have, to clear most, if not all current content.

We have a very competitive community always striving for the best in their chosen class/spec. A lot of our group comps for progression are based on the best of the best though we try not to bench. Are you actively researching and keeping up to date with your class? And can you handle competition?

Of course, I love competition, I think it can really improve players abilities in certain situation and fights. Also can be a lot of fun! 

Do you have any notable Achievements/Titles in PvE content?

Back on the private server I mentioned before, we achieved multiple server/alliance first clears/kills. This includes Alliance first and server 3rd 8/8 DS normal upon release.

Also a small personal thing, but I was a core member, which I have always been proud of, silly I know but still something I consider a small, personal achievement.

In your opinion what are the strengths and weaknesses of your class?

The main strength of hunter is the mobility while being able to keep high damage (Even higher when staying still due to Sniper Training). But the main downfall of a hunter is the lack of defensive CD's, admittedly the one defensive we do have is very good, but it can be slight problem in some situations, due to the loss of damage when used.

Is your computer capable of handling 20/30 man content without major issues and is your internet connection stable?

Yes, both are quite capable.

Anything else you would like to add to complete your application?

I realise that my item level is slightly low atm, but that is being improved upon.

Tell us a joke! The filthier the better!

What goes green and then red?

A frog in a blender...

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