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re: Fury Warrior Application



Character Name: Lekro@Sylvanas

What is your nationality? Hungarian

How old are you? 23

Tell us a little about yourself, profession, hobbies and other games you play, ect. My hobbies are training in the gym, playing WoW, WoT and Hearthstone.

What class & spec will you be playing? Warrior, Fury

Would you mind playing with another spec if asked to? Or a certain encounter demands it? I don't, my secondary spec is Arms, mainly for PvP, but I switch to it on Tyrant and Council.

What is your experience in WoW or other games? You can include as much as you want here. When I play a game I take it rather seriously and try to play it on the top level. The list of games I play and played in the past: RuneScape, WoW, Skyrim, WoT, Hearthstone .

What Item level/gear level is the character you are applying with currently sitting at and how are you trying to improve your damage/healing/mitigation? 709 ilvl. I know my BiS list but if something else goes into my pocket I always simcraft my character to make sure I get the best outcome.

Give a brief list of any addons and keybinds you use while raiding. DBM and Skada. I don't need any fancy UI mods. All of my abilities are keybound even the ones I'm not touching during raiding, as I rated PvP a lot and its a must to not click any abilities.

Give a brief run down of your rotation/priority and your specs current stat priority. E.g Spirit(3000) > Haste (12.5%) > Mastery = Crit. Crit>Mastery>Multistrike>Haste. This goes with the class trinket and Fury T18 4P. Haste drops in value due to class trinket. Crit becomes less valuable after 30% and you start to prioritize mastery over it. Since you gain damage increase multiplied by mastery during Enrage, that is a must to keep up and if you avoid capping rage, the rest falls in place with practice.

Please provide us with logs from Warcraft Logs. I only have some very early logs in WoD which does not reflect my current output.

Are you able to use Teamspeak? If so can you speak or only listen? This also means you can understand, type and speak 100% English I'm able to use TS, have mic but I rarely speak. I can understand, speak and type English 100%

Do you know anyone that can vouch for you in Perplexity? Nope

Our raid times are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 20:30 to 00:00, will this be a problem for you? Not a problem

What was the reason for leaving your current guild? The guild split up. I tried to give everything for them, even a website and TS server but they couldn't seem to get things done together and they decied to split up. After all the efforts I made as an Officer there, even prioritizing raids over RL, I decided to stop my activities there.

Post a link to a screenshot of your UI. I just reinstalled Windows and WoW is still downloading, but my UI is the default UI with Skada on the bottom right corner and DBM radar just above it.

Wiping is an essential part of PvE content whether its raiding, challenge modes, dungeoning and the likes. Can you handle in excess of 200-300 wipes on end game content? Also in that can you take constructive criticism? I was wiping on Garrosh back in MoP for 5 hours straight without breaks and didn't get bored. Not only I can take, but I want constructive criticism.

Why are you interested in Perplexity? I was struggling to find a stable guild. I put my efforts in 2 of them so far in WoD and they all decided to split up. Perplexity seems to be running solid.

How did you find out about Perplexity? Wowprogress and offical forums.

What do you expect from us? A solid raiding team and community, some jokes, sure minded raiders and some fun activity during off-days.

We have a very competitive community always striving for the best in their chosen class/spec. A lot of our group comps for progression are based on the best of the best though we try not to bench. Are you actively researching and keeping up to date with your class? And can you handle competition? As I mentioned above I'm an excessive user of simcraft. I want competition, thats what makes me go forward in a faster pace.

Do you have any notable Achievements/Titles in PvE content? Not much, just Curves from all WoD bosses except Archimonde.

In your opinion what are the strengths and weaknesses of your class? Strength is consistent AoE. Weakness is the RNG, but the more gear I get the less RNG gets involved.

Is your computer capable of handling 20/30 man content without major issues and is your internet connection stable? Yep it is and my connetion is stable.

Anything else you would like to add to complete your application? I applied to Perplexity a few months ago already, but due to my ilvl I didn't get accepted. I came back to this guild again as I see the potential and now that my ilvl is competitive I hope you reconsider.

Tell us a joke! The filthier the better!

What time is it when you have to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurtie :D


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