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re: Guild Application


Character Name: Halathir-Sylvanas

What is your nationality? English

How old are you? 20

Tell us a little about yourself, profession, hobbies and other games you play, ect. I study economics at university and in my spare time I do model car racing.

What class & spec will you be playing? Frost or unholy death knight depending on what’s best.

Would you mind playing with another spec if asked to? Or a certain encounter demands it? Not really, I always play what’s best anyway.

What is your experience in WoW or other games? You can include as much as you want here. 11/14 SoO pre nerf, 14/14 SoO after the nerf, 5/7 mythic hm, 7/10 mythic brf and 12/13 normal hfc

What Item level/gear level is the character you are applying with currently sitting at and how are you trying to improve your damage/healing/mitigation? Currently ilvl 698 only way I improve is just looking at logs and see what they do differently.

Give a brief list of any addons and keybinds you use while raiding.

Deadly boss mod and Spell Flash

Give a brief run down of your rotation/priority and your specs current stat priority.

DW frost: Mastery > Multistrike > Haste ~= Versatility > Critical Strike


1. Soul Reaper on targets below 35% health.

2. Frost Fever Blood Plague maintained at all times.

3. Frost Strike with Killing Machine or if RP will cap.

4. Howling Blast with Rime procs.

5. Howling Blast to dump Frost and Death runes.

6. Obliterate to dump Unholy runes.


2h frost: Haste > Multistrike > Versatility > Mastery > Critical Strike


1. Soul Reaper on target below 35% health.

2. Frost Fever Blood Plague maintained at all times.

3. Obliterate with Killing Machine.

4. Obliterate with all runes available.

5. Frost Strike to dump RP.

6. Howling Blast with Rime procs.



Single Target: Multistrike > Critical Strike > Versatility > Mastery > Haste

AoE: Multistrike > Mastery > Versatility > Critical Strike > Haste

1. Soul Reaper on target below 45% health.

2. Frost Fever Blood Plague maintained at all times.

3. Dark Transformation on cooldown.

4. Death Coil if Dark Transformation is not active.

5. Scourge Strike to dump Death and Unholy runes.

6. Festering Strike to dump Blood and Frost runes.

7. Death Coil to consume Sudden Doom or to dump excess RP.


Please provide us with logs from Warcraft Logs.

Hfc normal:

Brf mythic:

Are you able to use Teamspeak? If so can you speak or only listen? This also means you can understand, type and speak 100% English. I have teamspeak and have a working headset.

Do you know anyone that can vouch for you in Perplexity? No

Our raid times are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 20:30 to 00:00, will this be a problem for you? Probably not.

What was the reason for leaving your current guild? I can’t raid on Wednesdays.

Wiping is an essential part of PvE content whether its raiding, challenge modes, dungeoning and the likes. Can you handle in excess of 200-300 wipes on end game content? Also in that can you take constructive criticism? I don’t like wipes on easy things, such as avoiding Oregorger in his roll phase, but on hard stuff I don’t mind wiping. I don’t mind criticism, but it depends how its given.

Why are you interested in Perplexity? Good progress and raid on days I can attend

How did you find out about Perplexity? Wow progress

What do you expect from us? People to know how to play there class and not die to easy mechanics.

We have a very competitive community always striving for the best in their chosen class/spec. A lot of our group comps for progression are based on the best of the best though we try not to bench. Are you actively researching and keeping up to date with your class? And can you handle competition? Yes I’m always researching, I tend to do more when someone beats me on meters though.

Do you have any notable Achievements/Titles in PvE content? Not really I have the Kor’kron juggernaut though.

In your opinion what are the strengths and weaknesses of your class? Death knights do lots of damage, interrupts, decent crowd control and can survive a lot of damage. They seem to lack on burst compared to other classes though.


Is your computer capable of handling 20/30 man content without major issues and is your internet connection stable? Should be able to handle 20/30 man raids and my internet is stable, just depends on how many hunters you have though, too many pets.


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re: Guild Application


Accepted for trial, welcome!

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