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PostPosted: August 19, 2015 8:20    Post subject: MM Hunter application

Character Name:


What is your nationality?


How old are you?


Tell us a little about yourself, profession, hobbies and other games you play, ect.

Well, how to start... I'm Paul, I'm finishing my medicine studies atm, and in my free time I play sum games (WoW, CS:GO, bit of HoTS...) and watch some series. I don't have much to tell tbh :D

What class & spec will you be playing?

For now I want to apply with my Markmanship Hunter, I have some alts that I could bring to help the guildies but they're pretty undergeared so I don't think they'd be useful in late game content.

Would you mind playing with another spec if asked to? Or a certain encounter demands it?

Yay, I have no problem on changing spec if needed. I play BM also but I'm MM just because I think it has a better overrall DPS at this patch. If this changes I don't mind swapping back to BM or even Survival if needed.

What is your experience in WoW or other games? You can include as much as you want here.

Well, I started playing WoW at TBC, borrowing another account as I was so young to maintain a sub... I played some PvP so I can't say much of this. I played WotLK on some unnoficial servers and I did PvE there (PoS and FoS runs, ToC and even some ICC, but all in a casual way). On Cataclysm I went back to PvP so I only did some heros. When MoP came I got my personal account (this one) and I started PvEing again, but on Spanish servers. I did every raid content but never got to Heroic, as Spanish server are so less populated than EN ones. And now in WoD I'm taking raiding more seriously, so I changed to Sylvanas to see how far I could go, and by now I have 10/13N on HFC all done by pugs, and I think it's time to step further in a serious guild if I want to keep advancing.

What Item level/gear level is the character you are applying with currently sitting at and how are you trying to improve your damage/healing/mitigation?

Now I'm 697ilvl (probably a bit more at the end of the week as today it's raid reset and I'm upgrading my ring)

To improve my damage I have to improve my gear first, I think I need to upgrade my ring, and obtain several T18 pieces.

Give a brief list of any addons and keybinds you use while raiding.

Well, I'll put just the addons I use on raiding:

-ElvUI. I think that's the UI that I feel more confortable with.
-DBM. It's just necessary Happy
-Skada. I don't have it always active, unless I am trying to monitorize something or someone.
-WeakAuras. As you can see in the UI screenshot, I'm using it to track my CDs and focus easily.
-GTFO. Just in case I step in the fire...
-IskarAssist. For the encounter
-Clique. I only use it actively on my healer alt.

As for the keybinds, I mostly use numbers to my main abilities and F1-F10 for the most secondary ones.

Give a brief run down of your rotation/priority and your specs current stat priority. E.g Spirit(3000) > Haste (12.5%) > Mastery = Crit.

Stat prio: Agility >Critical Strike>Multistrike>Versatility>Mastery>Haste.

Rotation: Trinket on cd> Chimaera on cd>Rapid fire on cd> Kill shot on cd> Barrage/glaive toss on cd> Steady shot to gain focus/ Aimed shot to reduce if nothing else is on cd. I usually wait for heroism to throw Stamp.

Please provide us with logs from Warcraft Logs.

I have to admit that I'm pretty new on the Wrcraft Logs thing, so I just have this two logs that I made for the application, maybe it's not my better fight but well, hope it's enough.

Xhul LFR: 

-Entire raid report:

-My summary:

Tyrant N:

-Entire raid:

-My summary:

Are you able to use Teamspeak? If so can you speak or only listen? This also means you can understand, type and speak 100% English

Yes, I can listen and speak. I'm man of few words so I probably be listening more than I speak. And about writing... Well I think I can too Oo

Do you know anyone that can vouch for you in Perplexity?

Nope :'(

Our raid times are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 20:30 to 00:00, will this be a problem for you?

Nope Happy
What was the reason for leaving your current guild?

Lack of progression, there's no guild runs at all and I needed to pug my way to there. And wiping it's always funnier with the guildies :B
Post a link to a screenshot of your UI.

Here you go:
Wiping is an essential part of PvE content whether its raiding, challenge modes, dungeoning and the likes. Can you handle in excess of 200-300 wipes on end game content? Also in that can you take constructive criticism?

Yup, I don't mind to wipe in order to get better. And of course I can handle critics, I mean, if I screw up or if I'm doing my rotation wrong, please tell me so I can correct myself haha.
Why are you interested in Perplexity?

I'm looking for a friendly guild that allows me to grow as a player and I can contribute back.
How did you find out about Perplexity?

Mostly WoWProgress

What do you expect from us?

Nice peeps, and nice raiding Happy

We have a very competitive community always striving for the best in their chosen class/spec. A lot of our group comps for progression are based on the best of the best though we try not to bench. Are you actively researching and keeping up to date with your class? And can you handle competition?

Yep, I always look class guides and such to be informed of the best talents/rotation/stats. I'm a competitive guy so I think I can handle competition.

Do you have any notable Achievements/Titles in PvE content?

Sadly not, better I have is Legend cloak if we can call this an Achiv...

In your opinion what are the strengths and weaknesses of your class?

I think nowadays hunter can have a nice burst and steady damage without exposing too much (you can cast and move), but it's weak on AoE.

Is your computer capable of handling 20/30 man content without major issues and is your internet connection stable?


Anything else you would like to add to complete your application?

Not at all :P

Tell us a joke! The filthier the better!

I don't mind the Gnomes, but I'm always worried about tripping over one.

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